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Let’s Make it a ‘No Lice No-vember’

With the holiday season approaching, one gift families don’t want to receive is head lice. The holidays are one of the peak seasons for head lice as children celebrate with lots of hugging and close contact.   Lice Clinics of America® – Connecticut is here to help families prevent head lice this holiday season with […]

Just in Time for Halloween: Head Lice One of Parents’ Scariest Nightmares

Head lice scare people.   Lice Clinics of America – Connecticut part-owner Stephanie Knecht wants to make head lice less scary for parents.   “Head lice are the third most feared experience for parents,” Knecht said.  “Head lice rank third among parents’ ‘worst nightmares.’ For example, more parents fear head lice than chicken pox, pink […]

Parents: Don’t Feel Bullied Because of Head Lice!

October is National Bullying Prevention month, and a recent survey shows that parents can feel bullied, too, especially when it comes to having head lice in the family.   Stephanie Knecht, part-owner of Lice Clinics of America – Connecticut, wants to help take the pressure off parents struggling with the stress and embarrassment of head […]

Back-to-School: It’s Christmas for Head Lice?!

“Back-to-school is like Christmas for head lice,” says Greg and Eric Eisen, owners of Lice Clinics of America® in Connecticut, with locations in Danbury, Orange, and West Hartford. “Like children waking up on Christmas morning and rushing to see what’s under the tree, lice can’t wait for kids to get together and start hugging and […]

Head Lice Prevention Month: How to Identify Head Lice

“One of the biggest reasons that head lice spread among children is silence,” Stephanie Knecht, part-owner of Lice Clinics of America – Connecticut explains. “Parents don’t talk about it, and they are unprepared when they discover their child has head lice, and often waste a lot of time and money on products or methods that […]